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What i took away from that article: (copy and pasted)

Tar is a complex set of chemicals, some of them (nitrosamines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) being extremely toxic. Hookah smoking (including with tobacco-free tobamel) produces tar. However, it is very different from that produced by cigarettes because of the great differences in temperatures: hundreds of degrees, which, from a chemical viewpoint, is of utmost importance. Notably, and in striking contrast with ordinary cigarettes, a great part of the aerosol in modern hookah is made up of dihydrogen monoxide [DHMO] and glycerol [4][9]. Undoubtedly, these last chemical compounds, and particularly DHMO [13][35](video) are highly hazardous for human beings (*) and public health campaigns have emphasised this point.
Consequently, calculating and advertising cigarette-equivalents of hookah smoking sessions makes no sense, particularly when “smoking machines” (drawing one puff every 17s over a full hour with the charcoal over the same position atop the bowl) are used for this purpose [9][15]. Indeed, a smoking machine, as that designed for the WHO (objective: world prohibition agenda through the implementation of the so-called "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" - see elsewhere cogent critique of FCTC) at the US-American University of Beirut, is a caricature of real natural human smoking. Hookah smokers are not robots

This has led to the following scientific misconduct on behalf of health scares experts: equating the toxicity of such smoke with that of cigarettes. Obviously and fortunately, both smokes are completely different from all viewpoints

Antismoking researchers have been clinging to the only study (among two dozens of other peer-reviewed publications pointing to the observed weak (or absence of) link) that would have found an association:

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Interesting stuff right there. I will have to really read this in depth when I have the time. I like this kinda stuff.

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This guy seems to write and research alot about hookah:

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Dihydrogen Monoxide, ROFL

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Dihydrogen Monoxide, ROFL

The article was great to read, informative, and funny, but with the title I was expecting something more scholarly. I think it took away from the author's credibility.

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i dont know if he used them or not but that seems pretty credible to me

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